All of Pepper Avenue's fragrances are infused with essential oils. They are fun, unique combinations that will create the perfect ambiance for any home or event.

Back Woods

Back Woods is just like stepping into a pine forest, but better. The combination of evergreen, amber, and moss paired with with a hint of citrus make this a perfect blend year round. Shop Back Woods now!

Baked Cinnamon

Baked Cinnamon is a yummy kitchen classic. The warm baked scents of butter, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar will leave your mouth watering and your room warm and cozy. Shop Baked Cinnamon now!

Citrus Volcano

Citrus Volcano is a mouthwatering array of citrus, sweet fruits, and grapefruit combined with sugar and vanilla. We have found this fragrance to smell comparable (In my opinion better) to another high end candle for a fraction of the price! Shop Citrus Volcano now!

Clean Cotton

Clean Cotton has the perfect scent of lush, salty sun-bleached linen. With hints of lemon and orchid, it is a delicious, one of a kind fragrance. Shop Clean Cotton now!

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is a delicious classic dessert scent. Break through the caramelized sugar crust, a faint hint of coconut, and finally to the sweet vanilla-rum flavored custard. Um, yum!! Now who knows how to make this dessert for real?? (Asking for a friend ;) Shop Creme Brulee now!

Country Pickins

Country Pickins smells of fresh apples and cinnamon. This candle is perfect for any season and will have you longing for apple picking time. Shop County Pickins now!

Farmhouse Pear

Farmhouse Pear is a balanced aroma of fresh and sweet. Fresh pears are combined with vanilla and a blend of spices to create the perfect scent for any farmhouse kitchen. Shop Farmhouse Pear now!

Hello Summer

Hello Summer is a vibrant citrus concoction that is a must have for summer festivities and backyard fun. The sharp tangy scent of grapefruit makes up the base of this fragrance and is complimented by top notes of other citrus fruits and a touch of vanilla to sweeten it ever so slightly. Shop Hello Summer now!

Lavender Fields

Infused with natural essential oils, Lavender Fields will transport you to the breath taking fields filled with vibrant sprigs of lavender. With other oils such as lemon and cedar wood, it is a calm, relaxing, spa-like fragrance. Shop Lavender Fields now!

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a light, fresh, upscale scent. With a beautiful bled of earthy greens and a hint of sweet peppermint, this fragrance will quickly become one of your year round favorites. Shop Secret Garden now!

Southern Peach

Southern Peach has the aroma of sweet peaches with a hint of currant berries. The combination creates the ultimate summer scent that is a perfect combination of sweet and tart. Shop Southern Peach now!

Sweet Lemon

Sweet Lemon is a balanced fragrance of lemon with hints of patchouli and sugarcane. It is calming and so yummy, perfect for any room in your home anytime of the year. Shop Sweet Lemon now!


Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream will take you right to a bakery full of cupcakes. Sweet and sugary who doesn’t want their house to smell like vanilla buttercream!? Shop Vanilla Cream now!

Vintage Velvet

Vintage Velvet is an alluring, complex fragrance. With a combination of leather, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber it is a delicious musky fragrance that will add an exotic warmth to your room. Shop Vintage Velvet now!

White Tea

White tea is a luxurious spa type fragrance. Infused with a dozen essential oils, it generates a soothing pleasant atmosphere. It combines a fresh citrus scents with notes of thyme and ginger then blends beautifully with soft florals and white tea buds. Shop White Tea now!